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22 March 1987
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Who am I?
I'm a student. Currently doing MPharm in Cardiff Uni, UK. But Malaysia is my home country. I love anime, manga and Arashi - especially Ohno Satoshi 8D. I love RPG too, but I haven't been playing much games lately. Gaming as a hobby is expensive... T__T I also love traveling, taking pictures, and lazing about. I used to love making vids, and you might've stumbled upon here becoz of that... but not anymore, though.. I don't know what my hobby is anymore. =p
What do I do when I’m bored?
I come here. To flail. To rant. To be an idiot, in general. Or, you can find me strolling aimlessly in Bute Park, or staring mindlessly at the Taff River, or sleeping blissfully on my lovely double-bed, or harassing my friends, wherever they are~ =D
What is my fandom?
At the moment: ARASHI, with Ohno Satoshi as my ichiban 8D I’m also in love with anime and games and any good tv series. Like Fullmetal Alchemist, Blood+, Slayers, Gundam SEED, Fullmetal Panic, Code Geass, Inuyasha, Final Fantasy, Chuck, Ugly Betty, Prison Break, Heroes, to name a few.
What should you expect from this place?
Not much. I mostly keep my entries friends-only. But I do keep some out for the public. Some fanvids, some comic strips. Most of the time, it’s mostly just my rants and flailing and stories about the places that I have travelled to. =)

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